Volume 1 - Quest for the Silver Tiger

Mel’s life spirals out of control when she is kidnapped by one of General Uro’s henchmen and imprisoned in another world. Her friends and bandmates, Doug, Naomi, and Jim, waste no time trying to save her. With Satorin, the magical squelp as their guide, they enter the Turtle Realm and soon discover that it is not only Mel who needs their help.

General Uro’s conquering army has spread terror far and wide. Hope for the villagers lives on only in an ancient prophecy that foretells the arrival of four brave warriors from Blue Star.

Now Doug, Jim, Naomi, and Mel must embrace their destinies and release their true warrior spirits. There will be no other way to win this battle, return Queen Frasinella to her throne, and save Vermonia.

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Volume 2 - Call of the Winged Panther

In a brutal battle with Sassella, the Stone Monster, Doug triumphs - releasing the Silver Tiger and awakening his true warrior spirit!

But Mel is still helpless and imprisoned far away…. Doug, Naomi and Jim know their quest to find her has only just begun. Before they can free their friend, these skateboarders from Union City must fight with all their strength to defeat General Uro’s dark forces.

In this thrilling new episode, Jim hears the call of Suiran, the Winged Panther, who urges him to survive. With Suiran’s help, and the loyalty of his friends, Jim moves one step closer to fulfilling the ancient Potonawi prophecy.

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Volume 3 – Release of the Red Phoenix

Naomi, now separated from her friends Doug and Jim, travels through the Turtle Realm with the Potonawi warrior Fly as her guide. She is searching for the prison where General Uro has entrapped her best friend, Mel. The enemy is hot on her heels... and with only a sword for protection, Naomi must keep her wits about her!

In the village of the Elder Umnida, she learns that steel is not always enough. By embracing the powers of Zuzaku, the Red Phoenix, she learns too can fight fire with fire and continue her quest with the other Blue Star Warriors.

In this third action-packed episode, Naomi’s courage is all that stands between Uro’s fiery wrath, the safety of her friends and the future of Vermonia.

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Volume 4 – The Rukan Prophecy

Hungry for yet more power, General Uro has ordered his army to attack the four pillars of Turtle Realm—fire, wind, water and thunder.

If Uro succeeds, the Turtle Realm will collapse along with all hope for Vermonia. Doug, Naomi and Jim—warriors from Blue Star—have very little time. Together with the Aqami tribe, they will have to take on the full force of Uro’s dark Yami magic in two heroic battles.

Meanwhile, Mel still can’t escape from Uro’s four evil Deras. The only thing she can do is free her spirit to receive Ruka’s gifts of prophecy. Used wisely, her guardian’s secret knowledge might just save them all…

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