The Fate of Three Worlds Depends on the Courage of Four Friends.

[Zou zou zou] Expression of dragging

[Goh goh] Rumble

[Do-sa] Thud, clump, plunk, plop, plump

[Gaku gaku] Wobbly, shaky

[Doh-ohnn] Whomp, zunk, dong, expression of the rising up of huge things such as mountains

[Awawa] Expression of being confused, losing one’s head

[Kachiri] Expression of the pendant fits into the hole perfectly

[Su] The door slides

[Ki-tu] Expression of staring decisively

[Do-tu] Expresses something bumping against something

[Su-tu] Softly, quietly

[Ga-tu] The expression of holding your head in your hands

[Dokun] Expression of a heart beating

[Pou] Expression of a light burning

[Hyoi] Expression of someone lifting a light thing

[Gonyo gonyo] Expression of whispering

[Gogogogogogo] Expression of anger welling up

[Ba-tu] Expression of someone throwing a thing away

[Basha] Expression of paddling water

[Shuuuuuu] Expresses someone breathing near a door

[Don] Expresses a person thumping another person

[Za-tu paa] Expresses that a person gets out of water

[Gaku-tu] Expresses being drawn into water

[Do-tu] Expresses that a person is overwhelmed by a big thing

[Basa-tu] Expresses that wings flap

[Gu-tu Gu-tu] The sound of a face transforming

[Ba-tu] Expression of someone suddenly noticing that someone else is there

[Ka-tu] Expresses that a light is lit

[Zaa-tu] The sound of trees in the forest shaking

[Ha-tu] Expresses that a woman suddenly notices something

[Giruru] The sound of ropes being pulled