The Story

At the center of the universe, at the beginning and end of all creation, sits the planet of Vermonia, ruled by Queen Frasinella.

All worlds, including the fragile Blue Star, orbit around her, following the pathways of the net between galaxies, wherein the Turtle Realm also lies. Queen Frasinella’s reign of harmony is ending in civil war due to the betrayal of the commander of her army, General Uro. Hungry for personal power, he seeks the queen’s sacred Bolirium, fighting his own twin brother, the loyal Lord Boros, to obtain it.

As the final battle rages, and Lord Boros suffers defeat at the hands of his brother, Queen Frasinella gathers her four most trusted ministers. She uses her magic to transform them, then bids them to flee in order to safeguard the wisdom of her world and to work for its rebirth.

As her final sovereign act, Queen Frasinella summons from deep within her the four Veras of her spirit. These four will be reborn on a distant planet as four warriors who will one day restore her reign of harmony.


Hi, my name is Saki. I live in Tokyo and teach manga and animation at Nihon Kogakuin College. Nihon Kogakuin College is one of the best colleges for this creative medium. The school has several campuses throughout Japan; the downtown Tokyo school specializes in anime and manga but also teaches design, illustration and graphics. I know because I also studied there. Back in 2006, we formed YOYO, a group of creative artists, designers and storytellers to create a new kind of manga. Vermonia is our first published series.

The Books

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